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MEAS SQUAD Ambassador

Partnering together to celebrate & empower
all women through their health & wellness journey.


MEAS Active is a brand on a mission to empower & celebrate all women through performance-led, fashionable, running & active apparel. MEAS supports & encourages women to live without boundaries. We do not believe in any specific size, pace, look, ethnicity or interest. We are women, we are strong, strength is not a look, IT'S A LIFESTYLE! We design to inspire ALL women to live, look & feel their best, while giving back with every purchase. Our motto: "Behind every strong woman is a squad of other strong women, who have her back." If you are ready to spread this message, then you are in the right place!

Join the MEAS Squad, enjoy exciting & exclusive perks,
while empowering & celebrating women!

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10% commission
Rewarded in the form of store credit with every referral purchase (see HOW IT WORKS below).

We will send atleast 3 products a quarter for you to wear, review & share with your followers!

50% OFF & Early Access to NEW product
Prior to a new product launch, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE email with the chance to pre-purchase the product at a 50% discount before anyone else even gets to see it!

All purchases with our exclusive SQUAD code.
A portion of every purchase gives back to a non-profit organization of your choice. 


Once registered, you will receive:

A unique affiliate link to share with friends, family & followers. This is connected to your account and when clicked on and a purchase is made within 30 days you will receive 10% of that sale in store credit (prior to taxes & shipping).

A unique coupon code to share with friends, family & followers. This is connected to your account and will provide a 15% discount to whoever uses it at checkout on the website, in addition to rewarding you with 10% of their sale in store credit (prior to taxes & shipping).

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Add your shareable link & coupon code to your social media profile.

Email & Share your coupon code and/or your ambassador link.

Self-promotion as a MEAS Squad Ambassador on social Media and to friends & family.

Tag us in social media posts when sporting MEAS gear or when you are doing amazing things! (we will share & re-share!)

Connect & talk about the MEAS mission to anyone you think believes in celebrating & empowering women through their health & wellness journey.