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The Founder

The Babe behind the Gold!

Who is She?

Founder & Creative Director, Erin Roddy, is a designer by day & always looking for the next race to run. She is on the mission to redefine women's active apparel by fusing fashion, function & philanthropy.

When Erin is not working hard on brand building MEAS, designing the latest & greatest garment, *currently* planning her wedding or running around Prospect Park to train for that next race, you will find her volunteering for her local GIRLS ON THE RUN chapter.

As a mid-westerner at heart, Erin was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, where she grew up running cross country & track, while falling in love with designing and creating her her own wardrobe & prom dresses. 

Post high school & through her twenties, Erin found herself struggling with severe anxiety & depression, lacking in confidence & self worth. She lost her passion of becoming a designer & the love she had for running.

With the support & encouragement of friends & family around her, she began to set goals. The first being the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon. This was a huge personal success & gave her a sense of self confidence.

In 2008 at the age of 25, she decided to return to school & attended the University of Cincinnati's design school, DAAP & at the age of 30 she graduated with Fashion Design Degree & scored her first job as Designer in NYC.

Why She is Starting MEAS?

As she hustled to grow in her career as a fashion designer, it did not allow her the time or freedom to follow a healthy lifestyle, nor did she have the time to run. She found that she was endlessly working day in and day out for mass consumptive design brands and although she was doing what she loved, something was missing.

Erin didn't feel she was giving back in positive way, nor was she physically & mentally taking care of herself. She made a strong effort to squeeze running into her schedule and began running NYRR races on the weekends. She also began volunteering for Girls On Th Run NYC & found herself craving the the opportunity to give back. Running was something that had always made her feel strong, confident & she enjoyed passing that along to young girls in a positive way. This also reminded her of the importance to take care of her own health & wellness.

In 2016, she decided to take a leap into freelancing, allowing her more freedom to continue to run & volunteer. Meanwhile, she looked for that perfect design role that would allow her to feel proud of that brand & product, along with maintain a personal healthy lifestyle. As she scoured the job market for a role that would be a good fit for her, she became increasingly frustrated, as it didn't seem to exist. This sparked the idea of merging her 3 passions; fashion, running & philanthropy. She saw there was a gap in women's running apparel market that offered fashionable yet functional products, while celebrating & supporting women's health & wellness.

What is MEAS; pronounce 'me'

In 2017, a childhood mentor of Erin's had moved to Cambodia for 2 years to volunteer for a non-profit organization that helped rescue young girls from sex trafficking, called Destiny Rescue. This inspired Erin to raise funds & volunteer for a 2 week trip with Destiny Rescue.This took her to 6 cities in Thailand & Cambodia to help with various volunteer work & to interact with the many young rescued girls. While on this trip, Erin learned of an ancient Cambodian proverb which translated to say, "Men are gold, women are white linen.” Meaning that once a woman is "dirtied" she can never be cleaned. However, if a man is "dirtied", he can be shined like new. As Erin interacted with the many young girls on this trip, she knew these young ladies had been through so much pain & suffering, however when playing a simple board game with them, the joy, laughter & hope in their eyes reminded her how strong a woman really is. A woman is GOLD, she is MEAS; the Cambodian word for Gold.