What is MEAS?

What is MEAS?

MEAS; pronounce 'me'

An active apparel brand that fuses FashionFunction, & Philanthropy, while supporting & celebrating women! It is designed by female athletes, for female athletes to ensure the highest level of comfort from brunch to mile 26.2!



MEAS is a high quality, luxury, urban, active apparel brand deigned in NYC. As a team of designers with years in the fashion industry, we have a passion for fashion & are constantly looking for the next hot trend. As avid runners & athletes, we are taking these trends & fusing them into the most stylish, functional, active apparel, making the road our runway.


As designers we are dedicated to designing the most perfect garments using the highest quality fabrics & trims, the most functional construction & details, along with providing the perfect fit, all while maintaining a style that will keep women feeling femme & chic even on her longest runs.


Our most important mission as a brand is to continue to promote health & wellness for women and young girls. It is our commitment to encourage and celebrate women in all walks of life. With every purchase, MEAS gives back to female non-profit organizations that promote health & wellness for women and young girls. We have a little saying here at MEAS; "Shine to the Finish Line". While this not only means you will be looking great in MEAS apparel from beginning to the end of the race, this also means that as women we are going through many different stages of life, whether it be a hardship, struggle or success & in is important to encourage & help one another so that they can Shine to their Finish Line!

What is MEAS; pronounce 'me'

MEAS means Gold in the Cambodian language, Khmer. The founder, Erin Roddy,  chose this name for the brand after a 2 week trip through Cambodia & Thailand with a non-profit organization that helped rescue young girls from sex trafficking. While there she learned of an ancient Cambodian proverb which translated to say, "Men are gold, women are white linen.” Meaning that once a woman is "dirtied" she can never be cleaned. However, if a man is "dirtied", he can be shined like new. As Erin interacted with the many young girls on this trip, she knew these young ladies had been through so much pain & suffering, however when playing a simple board game with them, the joy, laughter & hope in their eyes reminded her how strong a woman really is. She is MEAS.

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