Founded in 2019 by Erin Roddy, MEAS is a brand on mission to encourage, empower & celebrate women through all avenues of their health & wellness journey. Designed by female athletes for female athletes, our goal is to empower women from studio to street to mile 26.2 and beyond.

"Behind every strong woman is a squad of strong women who have her back."-Erin Roddy, Founder of MEAS

The Founder

As an avid runner and athlete of many sports, Erin has always had a passion for an active lifestyle. As a young teen and into her adulthood, she leaned on running as a way to cope with her ongoing challenges she suffered with depression & anxiety.

After years of living a fast paced, unhealthy and what felt to be a very thankless lifestyle as a designer in the NYC fashion industry, she found herself, once again suffering from depression and anxiety.  She turned to running as her outlet, joined a local track team and trained for the NYC marathon. In doing so she was hit with some realizations to motivate her to start MEAS.

1. Being active while encouraged & supported by the other active women provided her with a sense of empowerment.
2. She wanted to wear beautiful active apparel that could withstand her most vigorous workouts.
3. There was a way to design and make clothes with a purpose that gives back to community. 

This is when MEAS Active was born. Active apparel combining fashion, function and on a mission to encourage, celebrate & empower women through their health & wellness journey.


In 2017, Erin travelled to Cambodia as a volunteer with a non-profit organization, Destiny Rescue, that rescued women and young girls who had been sex trafficked. This took her to 6 cities in Thailand & Cambodia to help with various volunteer work & to interact with the many young rescued girls. While on this trip, Erin learned of an ancient Cambodian proverb which translated to say, "Men are gold, women are white linen.” Meaning that once a woman is "dirtied" she can never be cleaned, but if a man is "dirtied", he can be shined like new. As Erin interacted with the many young girls on this trip, she knew these young ladies had been through so much pain & suffering, however when playing a simple board game with them, the joy, laughter & hope in their eyes reminded her how strong a woman really is. A woman is GOLD, she is MEAS; the Cambodian word for Gold.



Female Empowerment & Philanthropy. As a brand on a mission to celebrate & empower women, we take pride in giving back a portion of our profits to non-profit organizations with similar goals as ours; empowering and celebrating women and young girls. 

Fashion. As designers with years in the NYC fashion industry MEAS strives to offer trend-right, high quality, active apparel while uncompromising the function needed for a woman's most vigorous workout. We aim to design product we would want to wear from brunch to mile 26.2.

Function + Fit. Designed by the female athlete, we are on a never ending quest to provide each garment with fabrications that provide characteristics such as wick-ability, breathable, ant-microbial. When designing a garment each style is thoughtfully designed with details such as storage, no-chafe seams, watch windows and more to ensure the athlete is prepared for even her toughest workout.cribe a new promotion.

let's empower together

We love partnering with women and business' on a similar mission. Please reach out so that we can empower women together!

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